Alliance for Person-Centered Accessible Technologies

an IGERT program developed by ASU & CSULB

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The focus on achieving person-centeredness in technologies and practices will be implicitly interwoven into all of APaCT’s research activities. Research and data collection methods will be designed to obtain personal stories and capture real-life issues in the lives of people with disabilities, which motivate the individual research projects. Students will develop computational methods that incorporate user needs and preferences, and these methods will be integrated into technologies as they are developed. Several of these methods will be taught as part of an IGERT core course on Human Factors and Person-centeredness, which will have associated course Projects providing hands-on application of these techniques. projects will focus on creating universal solutions for person-centered technologies and practices.

APaCT’s research activities will focus on building intellectual collaborations that will make fundamental advances within and among multiple disciplines. IGERT fellows will participate in one or more of three interconnected and interdependent research thrusts, led by faculty from participating disciplines from both ASU and CSULB. These research thrusts, interconnected at the technology, adaptation and policy aspects of disability research, include Human-Centered Design, Socio-Personal Dynamics and Socio-Technological Practices. A brief description of these research thrusts along with same projects follows: