Alliance for Person-Centered Accessible Technologies

an IGERT program developed by ASU & CSULB

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Core Courses

Discipline Core Courses

APAcT IGERT fellows are expected to complete core course requirements, as mandated by the home department. The specific courses will be selected in consultation with the student’s advising committee to maintain a balance between alignment and complementarity with their research activities.

IGERT Core Courses

Fellows from all participating disciplines are required to take the following four core IGERT courses (12 credit hours in fellow’s program of study, counted as electives):

Introduction to Disabilities: Overview of state, national and international approaches, service delivery, instructional strategies, research, policies and history associated with people with disabilities.

Overview of Disability Technologies: Survey of assistive, rehabilitative, preventive and interventional technologies and adaptations for a wide range of disabilities, assistive technology assessment methods, diagnosis, prescription, design process, and evaluation of outcomes.

Disability Technology, Ethics, & Policy: Disability-related legislation and laws, disability rights, confidentiality, self-determination, right to life, and advocacy.

Human Factors and Person-centeredness: Topics include human sensory system, compensation for sensory impairments, multimodal interface design, person-centered product design, user preference elicitation and modeling, adaptive systems and adaptable systems, human factors, and ethnographic methods.