Alliance for Person-Centered Accessible Technologies

an IGERT program developed by ASU & CSULB

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APAcT IGERT Associates

IGERT “associates” are students who are interested in being part of APAcT by participating in training, our lecture series, work with our faculty, the fellows group, and/or research. These students are not supported with NSF IGERT funding. Having a pool of associates creates a larger mass of inputs and increases the number of interactions with students and faculty from multiple disciplines. In addition, it increases visibility of APAcT within the University communities, strengthens connections with other colleges and increases the breadth and depth of our interdisciplinary collaborative network.

Associates may be involved in APAcT in the following ways:

  • Training (participating in APAcT core courses and workshops)
  • Fellows Group (participating in monthly meetings)
  • Task Groups (participating in fellow led groups with set outcomes)
  • Speaker series (attending, presenting and/or helping to plan)
  • Blog (crafting entries)
  • Research (member of team conducting APAcT research by assisting fellows and faculty)

Benefits to associates

  • Access to job opportunities and program updates
  • Increased opportunity to work with faculty
  • Being part of team of students and faculty conducting research
  • Part of retreats and reunions
  • Access to IGERT resources including but not limited to specialized software, lab space, and faculty time
  • Opportunities to work beyond the boundaries of their primary discipline
  • Being involved in task committees of fellows group
  • Chance to explore beyond one’s discipline
  • Being part of a community
  • Possibility of obtaining multiple recommendations and adding APAcT work to CV

APAcT Associate Application Process and Expectations

Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program (Masters or PhD) at ASU or CSULB. In addition, they must submit an application packet that includes:

  • a personal statement highlighting:
    • academic (education and research), professional, and personal experience;
    • expected learning outcomes and what they have to contribute to APAcT;
    • an account of what they expect to receive for their participation in APAcT i.e. credit from their department, publication, meeting certification or departmental requirements etc.;
    • an identification of which APAcT theme(s) the applicant is most interested in (adaptation, policy, or technology)
  • a support letter from at least one of our APAcT faculty members discussing the project on which the associate will be working;
  • if relevant, a support letter from at least one of our APAcT Fellows that discusses the project on which the associate will be working; and,
  • a curriculum vitae

Once an associate is accepted into APAcT, an associate contract outlining the learning goals, objectives, activities, outcomes, and the expectations and responsibilities of the APAcT program staff, faculty, fellows, and the associate will be formalized. In addition, the contract will include a statement from the associate that discusses what they will contribute to the APAcT activities in which they have chosen to be involved.